About Us

This web site was developed by Scott Vance in order to provide access to accurate and thought provoking information about Mormonism.  Scott was a 5th generation Mormon with ancestors present in Nauvoo, on the first wagon train with Brigham Young (John Vance), and the Hodgett Wagon Train (including Elizabeth Murdoch Stewart who died on the journey after losing a newborn).  Having ancestors who died for their religion, Scott felt a strong responsibility to understand the truth claims, history, and evolution of the belief structure.  In addition to serving a full-time mission in Japan and graduating from BYU, Scott served in an elders quorum presidency, as executive secretary, as a councilor in a branch presidency, and as an early-morning seminary teacher.  After several-year examination of the truth claims, Scott chose to resign from the movement.  Many members of his family including his wife, parents, and children are still active in the faith.  Scott translated “Truth Seeking” by Hans Mattsson and Christina Hanke from Swedish to English in 2018.

In addition to the editor, there are several anonymous contributors who provide articles on various topics.   Thoughtful contributions are encouraged.  All contributors are given the option to be named or to remain anonymous.  Due to potential negative reactions from friends and family members who are active in the LDS church, many authors choose to remain anonymous.  We welcome contributions from all faith perspectives, but reserve the right to only publish information which is factual, evidence-based, and neutral in tone.


We welcome all constructive input, regardless of your beliefs.  Please let us know of any errors that you may find on the site so that they can be corrected.  We also accept academic submissions for online publication.  Provide feedback here.