Other Seer Stones

Early New York members were aware of the seer stones and believed in their powers.  Several early members had their own stones[1].  This certainly was the case with Hiram Page, who had a stone and received revelations which he thought came from God.[2]  Other early members having seer stones included the Whitmers.  While the Page stone was ground up by the members after a heated debate and revelation through Joseph Smith that Page’s revelations were of the devil, the Whitmer stones have survived and been passed on through the family.

David Whitmer’s had at least 2 seer stones.  One was oval shape and flat with two round marks placed symmetrically on the left/right of the main surface.  A picture is available here [i]. The second stone had a similar shape and hole configuration and can be viewed here.

Jacom Whitmer also had a seer stone which has the general size of a cassett tape and can be viewed here.

While seer stones are most commonly associated with the LDS movement in New York, there are a few references to seer stones during the Kirtland and Nauvoo periods.

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[i] The fate of the Whitmer Seer Stone (#1)

One of the Whitmer Seer stones was owned by Steve Christiansen, but it was later resold to a “private collector”.  It may have been donated to the LDS Church in the mid-late 80s.  Brent Metcalfe reported the following:

Steve had just purchased, what was believed at the time to be the Hyrum Page seer stone, He paid 10s of Thousands of dollars for it.  He actually let me take it home one night and I took it to the meeting (you know, that was the intention, to take it to the meeting with Ron (Walker) and Dean) … it was so distinctive looking – it looks like a stone cassette tape (for lack of a better analogy). … We’re thinking it’s more closely related to the Whittmer Family.  Now, keep in mind Hyrum Page is brother-in-law with David Whitmer, and so on.  He married one of the daughters in the family as did Oliver Cowdrey, and so there’s a whole bunch of interrelationships there.  We’re thinking that it may have been even more attached to the Whittmer siblings.  And so, whether or not that proves to be true, we’ll see.

See:  67.00-69.30 minutes into http://www.mormonstories.org/brent-metcalfe-mark-hofmann-salamander-letter-bombings/ (episode 493):